MMLA Membership and Registration

Participation in the Midwest Modern Language Association's Convention requires current MMLA membership and conference registration. Membership dues and registration fees are distinct items that must be purchased separately and in sequence.

MMLA Membership

Membership dues entitle members to access online the current and archived issues of the Journal of the Midwest Modern Language Association, submit articles and book reviews for publication consideration, and apply for fellowships and awards that are supported by the MMLA.

If you have had an active membership with the MMLA previously, you may need to renew your membership prior to the convention. To check if your membership has lapsed or is current, please log into your member account.

To become a new member of the MMLA, you must fill out the online membership form and pay your annual dues, which are determined by one's member category—fees are fixed for Institutions, Departments, and Graduate Students but tied to annual salaries for other Individuals like faculty and administrators.

Membership Types:

  • Institutional (such as libraries)
  • Departmental (such as English or Modern Languages)
  • Individual (from graduate students to faculty and administrators)

Annual Membership Fees

Member Type Annual Fee
Institutional $70
Departmental $200
Graduate Students $25
Individual: Salary under $40,000/year  $30
Individual: Salary of $40,00 - $60,000/year  $40
Individual: Salary of $60,00 - $80,000/year  $65
Individual: Salary of $80,00 - $100,000/year  $75
Individual: Salary over $100,000/year   $85


Please Note:

  • Membership fees are non-refundable.

  • MMLA memberships are free for undergraduate students. Those who are enrolled at an institution and interested in joining should contact the MMLA office at [email protected] to receive more information.

  • If an individual is a member of the Modern Language Association (MLA), their MLA membership is not a substitute for their MMLA membership. The MLA and MMLA are separate organizations with separate memberships and expenses. 

  • The MMLA provides Departmental Memberships that waive the membership fee for all of that department's adjunct faculty and graduate students. To see if your department has an active membership with the MMLA, please view our Member Departments page.

Registering for the Convention

Registration fees cover the costs associated with running the convention, such as A/V equipment, technicians, and Wi-Fi, as well as food and beverage services. Only current members of the MMLA may register for the convention

The non-refundable registration fees are as follows:

  • Regular Members: Full-time faculty and staff, administrators, school teachers, and librarians
  • Special Members: Graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, part-time faculty and staff, as well as independent, unemployed, or retired members
Date of Payment Category Fee
On or Before September 15 Regular Member Registration $125
On or Before September 15 Special Member Registration $45
After September 15 Regular Member Late Registration $180
After September 15 Special Member Late Registration $80

Please NoteEach convention participant and attendee must register individually. The MMLA does not provide group registrations for departments or institutions.

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