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Join the MMLA to Receive the Following Member Benefits

Access to the Journal of the Midwest Modern Language Association (JMMLA)

In its two annual issues, Spring and Fall, the JMMLA publishes peer-reviewed essays on special topics of current and lasting interest to the profession as well as reviews of scholarly books of critical interest to MMLA members.  Members may view current and past JMMLA issues electronically, accessing them via this member portal.  Here's how:  once members sign in, they will see this portal's Journal menu displaying the options "Recently Published Issues" and "Publication Archive."  Simply select one of these options to begin reading.  Together, these pages enable members to open PDF versions of all current and past issues of JMMLA as well as all issues of its predecessor publication, the MMLA Bulletin.

Publishing Opportunities

Members of the association are encouraged to submit both essays and book reviews to the JMMLA.  Guidelines and instructions for doing both are available under this website's Journal menu. 

Presentation Opportunities

Members are invited to submit proposals to organize a session or present a paper at the MMLA's annual convention.  Accepted proposals are placed on the program of the convention, which convenes in a different Midwest location every year to share the current scholarship of the Association's members.  Pleas see this website's Convention menu for more details.

Professional Networking 

Members may connect with scholars and teachers of literature from across the Midwest and beyond by attending the annual convention, reading the journal's articles and reviews, and accessing member contact information in the members-only view of the association's directory, which is located under this website's Membership menu. 

Professionalizing Workshops

For each annual convention, the Executive Committee plans several workshop-style sessions that focus on professionalization issues, such as publishing articles and book, navigating the promotion and tenure process, writing grant proposals, and negotiating the job market. These sessions typically feature several panelists who are at various points in their academic careers or work in relevant fields (e.g., acquisitions editors of university presses, journal editors, grant-writing officers, and so on). Brief presentations are followed by open discussion with workshop attendees, and members are encouraged to ask questions and share experiences.

In addition, during the annual convention the Executive Committee offers CV workshops to MMLA members seeking advice on their CVs. In these one-on-one sessions, Executive Committee members with experience serving on search committees inform members about the CV's function in a job application and offer advice on how an individual member's CV might be revised to serve that function more effectively.  

A Discounted Hotel Rate for Conference Attendees

Members attending the MMLA's annual convention receive a member discount for their lodgings at the convention hotel. 

A Research Fellowship at the Newberry Library

The MMLA teams with Chicago's Newberry Library to provide a short-term fellowship for Ph.D. candidates or post-doctoral scholars that supports work in residence at the Newberry for one month.  Details of the fellowship are available under this website's Opportunities & Announcements menu.  An applicant's MMLA membership must be current at the time of application and through the period of the fellowship.

Publicity for your Scholarship

Members are encouraged to have their publishers send their books to the MMLA to have them reviewed in JMMLA. All new books by Association members will be announced on the MMLA website.  Please tell us that your book has been published so that we might share the news with the Association's membership.

Advertising for your Next Book

Take advantage of the JMMLA's broad readership to announce your book's release. The Journal of the Midwest Modern Language Association offers a special advertising rate to members whose books are published in the year prior to, or during the course of, their annual membership.  Please contact us at [email protected] for additional details.