JMMLA Editorial Board

The MMLA's peer-reviewed scholarly journal, JMMLA, is supported by an Editorial Board whose members are listed below.  The MMLA is grateful to each of these Editorial Board members for their contributions to maintaining the JMMLA's scholarly quality and expanding its reach within the discipline.  

JMMLA Editorial Board Members

Eric Aronoff, Associate Professor of English, Michigan State University: Late Nineteenth- and Early Twentieth-Century American Literature

Cedric Burrows, Associate Professor of English, Arizona State University: Rhetoric and Composition

Lucinda Cole, Associate Professor of English, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign: Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century British Literature

Erin Edwards, Associate Professor of English, Miami University:  American Modernism

Vivian Halloran, Professor of English, Indiana University Bloomington: Caribbean Literature and Food Studies

Michelle Medeiros, Associate Professor of Spanish, Marquette University: Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Latin American Literature

B. Venkat Mani, Professor of German, University of Wisconsin-Madison: Nineteenth- to Twenty-First-Century German Literature

Gaywyn Moore, Adjunct Lecturer in Theater and Dance, Santa Clara University: Renaissance Drama

Mario Ortiz-Robles, Professor of English, University of Wisconsin-Madison: Nineteenth-Century British Literature

Pritha Prasad, Assistant Professor of English, University of Kansas: Rhetorical Studies, Composition Studies, and Cultural Theory

Matthew Sivils, Professor of English, Iowa State University: Early and Nineteenth-Century American Literature

Michael Trask, Professor of English, University of Kentucky: Twentieth-Century American Literature

Gillian White, Associate Professor of English, University of Michigan: Contemporary Poetry and Poetics