2013 Abstract Submission Form

About this form: The Abstract Submission Form serves as the basis for the abstract file, which is a PDF file posted on the MMLA website. A link to this file is circulated among convention participants.

Who should use this form: Only fill out this form if your paper or presentation has been officially accepted to the 2013 MMLA Convention. This form must be completed by either the panel organizer or the presenter (not both). If you are unsure if your panel organizer has already submitted this form, please contact him/her. Do no use this form if you submitted an Individual Paper Proposal Form.


Filling out and submitting the online Abstract Submission Form

This form cannot be saved and returned to later, so please gather the necessary information before beginning this form. If you navigate away from this page before pushing the "submit" button at the bottom of this page, you will lose your work. Once submitted, this form cannot be edited, so please verify all information is correct before pushing "submit." You will receive a confirmation message on this screen once your form has been submitted, and a confirmation email will be sent to the email address you provide below.

On Italics: This form does not allow italics in form fields. Please indicate italics with two asterisks preceding and following the word or phrase requiring italics. For example: Politics and Power in Shakespeare's **Hamlet** and **King Lear**

On Special Characters: This form allows special characters and supports languages other than English, so please be sure to include these if applicable. You may need to copy and paste special characters from another file or from online.

On Guillemets: Due to a programming issue, please DO NOT use the less than and greater than signs (< and >) to indicate guillemets (« and »). Please copy and paste them from another source.


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Note: MMLA staff only use information you provide here to verify we are adding the right abstract to the right place in the program. All program information (chairs, presenter names and school affiliations, paper titles, etc.) comes from the Program Information Form session organizers submit in June.

If you are an independent scholar, please write or choose "Independent Scholar" in the School Affiliation and Rank fields below.


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